Kaachi is the result of an ambition to bring best Pakistani craftsmanship and creativity to the world. In our endeavor we have mastered production and manufacturing of the finest hand finished leathers and leather goods.

Our journey however, is only beginning and we hope with the support of our customers, vendors and a dedicated team of craftsmen we will be able to offer a beautiful narrative about craftsmanship and affordable luxury. We hope you will join us as we continue to explore and create.


The Kacchi Plains of Pakistan were once home to the people of Mehrgarh, one of the oldest known settlements and precursor to the Indus Valley civilization. Mehrgarh, dating back to 6500 B.C, is regarded by many as one of the earliest civilization to use leather in their daily lives.

Our handmade designs, dyes and finishes, are an inspiration of the ingenuity passed down over generations. With each item requiring careful attention to detail and application of countless hours of self-developed finishes every piece is made to order and truly unique.